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In business for more than 30 years

Breis & Co AB has, since 1989, been developing and providing equipment for the health care environment, with focus on the x-ray division. From motorized film viewers and light boxes, to ergonomic workstation tables for digital x-ray viewing that will compensate for the often long and static working environment for the radiologist. The later has become a great success and made us market leader in the Nordic countries and United Kingdom.


The Digital X-ray Market


Sweden was one of the first countries to switch to an almost 100% digital radiology in a very short period of time. The country also has a tradition of high requirements on ergonomics for the working conditions in general. It was during these circumstances our workstation table market took shape and resulted in a high quality ergonomic product that beat the usual height adjustable tables from ordinary office furniture suppliers. These were common during the digital x-ray expansion period in order to get up and running with the comprehensive digital systems. But as time went by, more users started to get signs of improper working conditions, which resulted in a higher rate of demise and lower productivity in general. The concept of investing in proper ergonomic working environment showed that it in reality would both save costs and result in a higher productivity for the employers.


Important Ergonomic Criteria

During the development and evolution process of our products, we found that the following criteria has to be met in order to provide proper comfort and a relaxing environment that is customizable for every individual user and condition:


  • Motorized table height adjustment 650 - 1230 mm, for sitting and standing positions

  • Motorized table tilt, for any desired angle regarding chair position and tilt

  • Motorized height adjustment of monitors to compensate for viewing and neck angle

  • Motorized distance adjustment of monitors to compensate for the individual eye focus length

  • Dimmable light source for the actual table plane

  • Dimmable light source for the surrounding environment

  • Dimmable light source behind emitting monitors to compensate for eye strain from a dark background

  • Sound absorbing screen behind monitors to give the individual a privacy from sound and surroundings


Distributors for an Expanding Market


The proper ergonomic working environment is an expanding market and Breis & Co AB is looking for distributors in countries where we today don’t have any representation. We will offer our distributors full support both on the technical and the representational part during customer demonstrations and showcases. Our tables can be ordered with or without specific modules, depending on the customer’s need and budget. We are also able to customize the design for individual requirements. Our office, R&D and production is strategically located in Göteborg, Sweden, where we easily can reach the Nordic and European countries with short notice.

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